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Payment Methods
Wild Wildebeest Safaris has various payment options:

- MAILING A CHECK: Make check payable to Wild Wildebeest Safaris.

          ** Mail to: Rowdy Woodson (U.S.Representative), 11565 Clark Lane, Conroe , TX 77385


Terms and Conditions
- A $1000 Deposit Per Hunter is required to book your hunt / reserve your dates on our Booking Calendar.                                                            Note: The deposit is not included in the amount paid to any organization where you purchased your safari.

- Your deposit will be credited towards your Safari Account / will be deducted from your final account at the end of your Safari.                                                                

- Your $1000 Booking Deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  You are welcome to reschedule new dates with us.

- Dates booked and confirmed to be paid in full.

- Cancellation within 60 days of booked dates: dates will not be transferable.

- Dangerous Game Hunts:  Full payment required on the Trophy Fee and Daily Rates 60 days before the Safari commences.

- Hunts in Namibia and Mozambique: Full payment required 60 days before the Safari commences.

- Hunts to be paid in full once the Safari is complete by Cash or Credit card (Visa or Mastercard) - unfortunately we do not accept American Express cards. A 3,5% Credit card fee will be added to your total.                             

               Note: Please contact your credit card company or bank and let them know you will be using your card in South Africa. 

- Pre-payment on your Safari: You are also welcome to make advance payment/s on your Safari to our Bank of America Account - Any money left over after your final account will be refunded to you.

Cancellation Policy
Your $1000 Booking Deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  You are welcome to reschedule new dates with us.


- Additional days can be added to donations at normal daily rates.

       ** Additional days are added to to the beginning of your donated days.

- The Day of Arrival and Day of Departure are both non-hunting days

- Wild Wildebeest Safaris does not allow any back-to-back Safaris.  A donation from Wild Wildebeest Safaris may not be combined with a Donation from another Outfitter.

- Description of a "HUNTER":  "Hunter" refers to a person who harvest 4 or more trophy animals (A Jackal and Porcupine do not qualify as Trophy Animals).

Please ensure that the HUNTERS in your Donation are HUNTERS.  A Client who visit Wild Wildebeest Safaris and harvest a single specie or who do not hunt, do not qualify as a HUNTER and will be charged as a NON-HUNTER.  Non-Hunter daily rates will apply.

- Animals in the Donations can not be exchanged for other animals and will not be credited on your account if not harvested.

- Donated Days can not be used as "credit".  i.e.  should only 2 of the hunters in the 4 hunter donation visit South Africa, the donated days for the 2 additional hunters (who will not visit South Africa), can not be used as credit.

- Your Donation is valid for 2 (two) years from date of purchase.  Please take note that Wild Wildebeest Safaris Trophy Fees and Rated for the year you decide to hunt will be applied.

- Please refer to minimum hunting days required for certain species.

- 7 x Hunting Days is required for all Permit Animals.

- Beer and wine provided.  Hard Liquor not included


Hunting in Mozambique / Namibia with your Wild Wildebeest Safaris (WWS) Professional Hunter (PH)

- Should you prefer your WWS PH to accompany you to Mozambique / Namibia, you will be requested to pay for his return flight, charter costs, accommodation expenses and daily rates:  Estimate on 10 days to Mozambique: $3000.