Species of S.A

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(Latin = Felis serval, Afrikaans = Tierboskat, German = Serval)

Numbers: Low
Weight: 8 - 14kg (18 - 31lb.)
Shoulder height: 55- 60 cm (22 - 24 in.)
Pregnancy time: 68 - 72 days
Cub quantity: Up to 3

Found all along the eastern parts of the country, especially in the eastern Northern Province, Mpumalanga and the north eastern and central KwaZulu-Natal. It isn’t found in Swaziland. It is also not found in the south eastern parts of KwaZulu-Natal. It is found in the north eastern coastal area of the Eastern Province. But it's not found in any central, southern or western part of South Africa.

The serval is a slender and sleek, beautiful cat. It is at the same time spotted, striped and barred, big eared and with a dark and light yellow skin. It is standing high on it's feet for it's weight. The serval is a shy, very seldom spotted cat and it's declining numbers are a worrying factor. He's diet is somewhat strange, ranging from fish and insects, to birds and small mammals.